Name: Armand Marseille #310 "Just Me"

Maker: Armand Marseille for Vogue Dolls

Size: 10”

Medium: Fired Bisque with five piece composition body

Date: 1928

Description: Here is a marvelous large, Armand Marseille German Fired Bisque Just Me Character Girl in excellent condition with her original chubby body, mohair wig, big blue side glancing sleep eyes, original dress and undies and she comes with in a little trunk with 5 extra outfits, 2 coats with matching hats, 1 sweater and an extra pair of shoes. I think the brown coat and hat might be original but the rest of her outfits are either store bought or hand made but are adorable on her. These little pre Ginny dolls are the cutest things I have ever seen and it's hard to find the large fired bisque Just Me as most time they are the painted bisque. She was made in the 1930's and again is fired bisque and her coloring outstanding. . The German fired bisque Just Me Dolls where used by Vogue before the Vogue Ginny came to life. She marked on the back of her head "Just Me Registered Germany A 310/5/0 M and was made by the Armand Marseille doll factory for the Vogue Company in the later 1920's to 1930's. She is absolutely adorable with a chubby face and the cutest little nose and lips. She is 10" tall and again is marked Just Me Registered Germany A 310/5/0 M.. She has fabulous, smooth creamy bisque with no chips, cracks, or hairlines. Her coloring is fantastic and the sculpting to her cubby face and wide pug nose is wonderful. She has big blue side glancing glass sleep eyes, all her eye lid wax along with painted lashes and little brows. Her original mohair wig is wonderful with wispy bangs and it's long in back. It's a bit messy with age but still think and full. Her original chubby wood jointed and composition body is in excellent condition and still retains the original finish. There is not a lot of wear and she still has the blush on her little knees and hands. This is a little chip on the top of a finger and I think she could use a little cleaning but I'll leave that to you. She has the typical curved arm and chubby tummy and thighs. She is wearing what I believe to be an original Just Me dress with matching bonnet and 1 piece panties. There is no tag that I can find but again I do think this pink dress with he wide lacy collar is original. It has ruffles around the hem and an organdy white ruffle around the neck. Her matching bonnet is wonderful with rubble brim and huge silk rosette in back. Her one piece panties with attached slip is marvelous and her socks are super but I don't think they are original. Her antique shoes could be original with original laces and buckles on the toes but I'm not sure on the shoes. Her extra pair of shoes are sweet little satin ones that tie around the ankle. Now she comes in the cutest little suitcase that holds her and all her cloths great. I think it's newer but still is just adorable. She has 5 extra outfits with matching hats except the brown dress. They are in great shape and look cute on her and the white sweater is wonderful. The 2 coats with matching hats are great and I do think the brown coat and hat are original but like the dress there is no Vogue tag. This is a fabulous large Vogue Just Me and with her trunk and extra outfits and coats. A note in the case reads: "Doll clothes for Oceana ( I wanted a twin for her called Oshbama. Grandmommy's doll, Imma.

She is a darling and would be a fine addition to your collection.

head: Just Me / Registered /Germany / A 310 / 10 / 0 M
clothing: Vogue Dolls / Medford, Mass.

Condition: Perfect bisque. Overall excellent.

Price: $2500

Shipping: $40