Name: Pee-wee Herman

Maker: Herman Toys, Inc. - Matchbox Toys

Size: 17”

Medium: Vinyl

Date: 1987

Description: A character played by Paul Reubens in the 1980s on Pee-wee Herman's Playhouse. Built around the colorful antics of an exuberant man-child named Pee-Wee Herman, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and quickly became a favorite with everyone from little kids to hip adults. This success led to an impressive onslaught of tie-in merchandise that included lunchboxes, trading cards, watches, key chains, and even air fresheners. But the biggest success to rise from this wave of items was the Talking Pee-Wee Doll, a big hit that continues to be a cult favorite today.

For its speaking feature, the Talking Pee-Wee Herman doll forsook an easily-pushed button or a on/off switch for a good old-fashioned pull string. With one tug of the pull string, a voice box in the doll’s chest would be activated, and out would fly one of five Pee-Wee Herman catchphrases. The collection of exuberantly-voiced sayings included “I’m Pee Wee Herman!,” “Helllooooo,” “Made you look!,” “Ha-Ha!,” “I know you are, but what am I?” and the all-purpose yell “AAAARGH!” He talks!!!!

The Talking Pee-Wee Doll continued to be popular into the early 1990’s, when a public arrest in Florida led to Paul Reubens' retiring the popular Pee-Wee Herman character and his namesake doll quietly disappearing from the toy shelves. Although this beloved character hasn’t appeared in a television show or a movie for several years, his fans still enjoy his past classics on video. Fans also collect the classic Pee-Wee Herman merchandise, with the Talking Pee-Wee Herman doll being one of the most-prized items. The lasting success of this chatty toy shows that the cult of Pee-Wee will endure well into the future.

Pee-wee is approx 17 inches tall with bendable arms and legs. He has a plastic head, hands and feet. He is dressed in a gray suit, red bow tie and the white shoes with a white hanky in his breast pocket.


Condition: Mint, no box.