Name: Mystery Girl "Debutante"

Maker: ?? any ideas?

Size: 28”

Medium: Vinyl

Date: 1950s - My guess is 1955.

Description: A special attic estate find. Everyone's big sister seemed to have a doll like this in the 50s. She looks like she's ready to debut on Arthur Godfrey's talent show. Typical of the pre-Barbie era, she's a classic.

She's a big girl. She's early stuffed vinyl. The body seems to be stuffed, but not the head.

She's dressed in a pink acetate gown with a pink lace overlay and gold lame bodice with lace gauntlets. She's a 1950s debutante. She's an early "Revlon-type", but her bosom is more mdoest.

Great gray sling-back heels. Underwear may be "mommy-made, otherwise all original, including heels. No hose.

head: 2 is the only mark I can make out

Condition: Excellent condition. The vinyl is a little dirty, but clothes are not dusty. There is a smal area on her shoulder where the cloth has worn, but otherwise, she's fine.

Price: $75

Shipping: $50