Name: Coco Fashion Doll - inspired by Coco Chanel

Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 21"

Medium: vinyl

Date: 1966 only

Description: Dressed in green sari lined with pink and edged with a gold metalic brocade trim. The pink lining perfectly matches her underwear. The shade of pink is "Madame Alexander pink". Stockings and flat slip-on shoes.

The Coco face was only used in 1966 due to the angular profile and difficulty with molds. Coco has her signature single bent leg to simulate a fashion model.

Madame Alexander had a history of spotlighting women. It's no coincidence that this Indian-inspired sari outfit was used in 1966, the same year India elected Indira Ghandi, a popular and powerful female political leader of the 20th century.

A stunning doll that "screams 1960s". As seen on page 83 of Marjorie Uhl's 1983 book Madame Alexander Dolls Are Made With Love.

clothing: no tag.
head: Alexander 1966

Condition: Excellent condition, ever so slight fading on the shoulder. It is under her hair and is not generalised and hardly noticeable at all.


Shipping: $50

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