Name: Melanie ( Coco face ) Portrait

Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 21"

Medium: vinyl

Date: 1966 only

Description: Just a stunning and very rare Coco!!

Coco Melanie #2050 is dressed in pale-blue taffeta, trimmed in beige lace. The lace goes around the neck to a point at the waistline. Two separate rows of lace with elastic are attached to the sleeves approximately two inches apart forming puffs. The front waistline of the skirt has an insert of fine pearls trimmed on each side with two inch lace. This blonde beauty has two long braids encircling her head of curls. She has a crinoline slip, white taffeta panties, stockings and blue satin shoes with rhinestone settings. She wears a diamond ring.

clothing: Madame Alexander New York

Condition: Excellent condition.

Someone has ironed her dress at some point. There is a crease on the sleeves. She also has silver sandals with cord. I am sure they were replaced, but are appropriate.


Shipping: $50

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