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Name: Shari Lewis

Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 14"

Medium: hard plastic

Date: 1958-1959


She is in excellent all-original condition, only missing one shoe. Hand-painted feathered brows, lower lashes, rosy cheeks and red mouth enhance her deep green sleep eyes with molded upper lashes.

The doll has a beautiful strawberry-blonde wig pulled back from the temples into a fall of curls and a ponytail of curls at the nape.

This head & body mold were only used for Shari Lewis: long shapely legs with long high-heeled feet, young woman's body, and sensitive portrait head, she is jointed at shoulders, neck and hips.

Her fine straw bonnet has pink & rose-colored cloth roses across the brim, and a black velvet hatband. The coral dress, usually seen in turquoise, is moiré-print polished cotton with multi-pleats, open collar, rhinestones at her cuffs and original gold chain belt with three dangling gold balls.

A crispy nylon petticoat and taffeta panties, 'pearl' drop earrings, near-perfect nylon stockings (small spot from rhinestone on shoe) and one (stretched) gold-elastic high-heel shoe complete the ensemble.

clothing: Shari

Condition: mint, missing one shoe.


Shipping: $35