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Name: Jane Withers

Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 20”

Medium: composition

Date: 1937

Description: All composition, all original, rare, 20" Madame Alexander Jane Withers character doll in near mint condition. Extremely hard to find, especially in this condition.

Jane Withers was a child star of the 30s ( contemporary of Shirley Temple)

Here eyes have clouded and she has a rub on her inner thigh but I can find no crazing on her any wear.

Her face is just about perfect no crazing, peeling or lifting and her coloring and painted features are outstanding.

Her eyes have begun to cloud ( I have not oiled them ) but she has all her human hair lashes and the cutest wide pug nose. She has 6 teeth and her brows, lips and lashes are prefect. She really has a different looking face unlike a lot of the other composition doll of the time where they all had that dolly face look.

Her original mohair wig is excellent and in the original set with curly bangs.Her hair is a little messy from being packed away for years, but still full of great curls. Her composition body near perfect with original shiny finish and blush on her knees and hands. There is really no wear except the rub on her thigh and she is strung great so nothing needs to be done to this perfect girl.

She is wearing her original dress in excellent condition. It has short cap sleeves with lace trim around the sleeves and neckline. It flair's out wonderfully around the bottom with buttons up the back. She does have the tag for her dress but as you can see it's glued to the back of her torso and it reads Jane Withers, Madame Alexander Doll.

This doll came from the original owner and for some reason cut off the tags on the dresses and glued them to the torso. I guess that's better than cutting the tags out and discarding them.

Her original one piece undies with attached slip are excellent as are her socks. Her original shoes are super but are a little stretched around the top but still excellent and stay on her feet just fine. The antique matching silk bow in her hair looks fabulours. I am not sure if this outfit came with a white straw hat or not. I had a coral outfit once all original, that did not have a straw hat.

She has an additional coat/dress (tagged Jane Withers) in pale blue, with buttons up front and a white Peter Pan collar. It looks great and matches the dress shown perfectly.

head: unmarked:
body: unmarked clothing tag on torso: Jane Withers, Madame Alexander

Condition: Excellent. Eyes have clouded. Rub on inside of leg (thigh) and clothing tagged clipped and glued to back of torso.

Price: $1500

Shipping: $40

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