Name: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother 35715

Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 10”

Medium: Hard Plastic

Date: 2002 #198 / 250 made

Description: Madame Alexander's new 10-inch The Queen Mother doll is costumed in a breathtaking gown in the style often worn by the monarch affectionately known as "the Queen Mum." She wears a sleeveless ivory brocade gown embroidered with crystal seed beads on the full skirt and around the high round neck, and over this she wears an ivory sash affixed with "royal" metal insignia.

The Queen Mother also wears an ivory petticoat and pantyhose, brocade heels and ivory opera-length gloves. Over her shoulders she wears a ceremonial red velvet cape trimmed with faux ermine, with gold braid detailing and tassels at the shoulders. In her ears are simple rhinestone studs, and a rhinestone tiara crowns her brunette upswept hair. Available as a very limited edition of 250 pieces, each exquisite doll comes with a Royal Lineage Certificate keepsake that traces the royal family's ancestry.

body: Mme Alexander
clothing: Queen Elizabeth

Condition: MIB with certificate and wrist tag

Price: $225

Shipping: $25

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