Name: Princess Margaret Rose #35535
Maker: Madame Alexander

Size: 8”

Medium: Hard Plastic

Date: 2002

Description: Princess Margaret Rose (1930-2002) will be forever remembered for her vitality, her love of the arts, her loyalty to her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, and her devoted service to her country. Only 22 at the time of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation, Princess Margaret enjoyed a very active social life and had a glamorous style and a lively interest in fashion and the arts. Madame Alexander's 250-piece limited edition

Princess Margaret Rose doll is 8-inches-tall and lovely in a rose-pink taffeta gown embroidered with rosebuds. The sleeveless gown has a scoop neckline, a fitted A-line silhouette and a long, gored skirt. Underneath she wears a pink petticoat, pantyhose and pink taffeta heels. Over her shoulders is a red velvet ceremonial cape trimmed in faux ermine with a dramatic white collar. Princess Margaret Rose wears a rhinestone brooch pinned at the neckline of her gown, matching rhinestone earrings and a rhinestone tiara atop her dark shoulder-length curls complete her Coronation attire..


body: Alexander
clothing: Princess Margert Rose, Madame Alexander

Condition: MIB removed only for photos.


Shipping: $25

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